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Lemonade Labs

NEWS: We are excited to announce a partnership has been reached between Lemonade GameLabs Ltd. and Queen Games GbmH !

As the newly created Queen Digital Games division, our first title will be digital reproduction an action-adventure game based on their wildly successful 'Escape: Curse of the Temple'. This project will be preceded by a Kickstarter campaign in the near future coupled with their 'Escape: Big Box' anniversary edition product in continuation of their 25th anniversary celebrations this year. Stay tuned for details!


Queen Games GbmH, was founded as Queen Carroms in 1989 in Troisdorf, Germany. They have become one of the largest independent board and card game publishers in the world, with over 200 games to their credit, 100 of which award winning, over the past 25 years.

Many thanks to our community partners as well who helped make this possible along the way such as; SIDIT, Community Futures Okanagan, CDMN, and Accelerator Okanagan.