Our Canada-based Lemonade GameLabs team is made up of former Disney Online, Electronic Arts, and Microsoft production team members who are gamers that also grew up with and still love boardgames.

With over 40 years combined experience in MMO and Triple AAA game development, the team is driven to create unique games that engage both designer board gamers and video gamers alike. We also plan to reach as many people as possible around the world with our games by launching in emerging markets as well as traditional ones.



CEO/Exec. Producer: Ted Carefoot

Hey everyone!

I started Lemonade Labs back in April 2012 with the goal to bring together a great team of devs and artists that love designer boardgames as much as we do, and bring them to digital platforms. I really felt one way to increase the awareness of these great games was to put them into video games which eliminates the barriers of reading rules, long setup efforts, and making them mobile, so everyone can bring them to friends & family that may not have been interested in playing them before.

We hope that our games are not only fun, but also bring folks together face-to-face with the physical games that inspire each of ours and make it cool again!

emp_cael.jpg Artist/Animator: Cael Nolan

Cael is an animator with work that spans globally successful MMO brands. Cael joined the team so he can make awesomesauce animated actions in digital boardgames. He always likes a new challenge, and has a fondness for Hawaiian shirts.

emp_bryan.jpg Developer: Bryan Thompson

Bryan is our in-studio Unity wizard. He enjoys boardgames, and after applying his skills to his personal RPG project, came to us to help make our games playable across several platforms.

emp_chad.jpg Developer: Luke Harvey

emp_jay.jpg QA Lead/Community Manager: Jay Andrews

Jay connects the pulse of the community to the team. Being a huge boardgamer himself, when Jay is not busy destroying us in Zombicide, he ensures the games we make are of the standard the genre deserves. He also aspires one day to run his own game company, and is always up for a game of Heroquest.


Office Administrator: Kiyomi Carefoot

Kiyomi is a fan of boardgames and no-limit texas hold-em. She is our admin sensei, and keeps us in check when our design or 'game sessions' tend to go overboard. She also has the largest nerf-gun in the office.






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